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Abby Baron

Freelance Marketer

I Believe All Families Deserve More... More Quality Time, More Travel, More Connection To Create More Freedom to Impact Their Lives in a Powerful and Positive Way

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About Me

"Digital marketing and consulting is what I do, helping families have more time, and freedom to focus on their passions is who I am."

I Believe Families Deserve More.

I grew up in San Antonio, Texas. Up to 9 years of age my parents and I traveled three to four times a year into new adventures. It has been over 15 years since we've traveled, and built more lifelong memories together. 


I have watched my parents sacrifice themselves and grow tired my whole life to support our family and make ends meet.  


I went to a University to help my parents regain their time and strength. I worked to make a difference, but it wasn’t enough.


Not finding fulfillment or financial freedom in a job I knew I needed to find a better way than trading time for money. I wanted to have the ability to retire my parents and travel all around the world together. 


So I decided to learn a new skill set in marketing so I could create the lifestyle and freedom others were achieving through leveraging emerging technologies like social media. 


Today, I am now a freelance marketer that helps educate families and young adults focus on what they love by learning and applying digital marketing strategies.


Whether it’s to increase your social presence for business opportunities, sell more of your products or services online, or even launch a new idea you have always wanted, I am here to help!


Watch the presentation below to understand more on how a new skill in marketing can help you create the outcomes you have been ready to create.

My Work

What is it I do? Freelance Marketing. I am a digital marketer with multiple ranges of skills from content and copywriting creation to social media, ad creation and media buying, building sales funnels, strategy building and design.

I believe in a simple methodology when it comes to creating wealth as a successful marketer. It starts with identifying an audience of people that have a common problem, and then sourcing a quality product or service that will help them overcome the problem they have, then simply get that product in front of them.

I also believe that the skillset of marketing has never been easier to learn and apply. 

True freedom is having control of your time and finances, and thanks to emerging technologies it has never been a better time to take advantage of the new digital age.


Websites Are Dead.

A sales funnel is an experience. With the world becoming more digital every day, understanding how to develop an experience through a digital device to sell your offer is a necessity.


The New Media.

With trust declining for the traditional media forms, the masses are turning toward self-serve media platforms that allow the "little guy" to get their message out to the world. Put it to work for you.


Learn From Proof.

As the performance increases for the good guys, so does it allow more room for the bad guys. It is important to develop trust with who you decide to learn from. Let the results speak over the "Guru".

What Peers Say

I believe that if you aren't growing and learning, you're dying. Here's what some of my peers have to say.

Flip Moody

Travel Like a Game

I've had the chance to work with Abby on the journey to build my business and she has helped me to go in the right direction. Abby provided me with insights, feedback and advice to improve my results and increase my progress. It has been great to have the chance to work with her and I definitely I'll do it again. Thanks Abby!

Heather Runyan

Digital Entrepreneur

It's been so inspiring for me to work alongside Abby this year. It's obvious how she has been able to grow in her business as she is so encouraging, thorough and passionate about her goals and ambitions. She is so inspiring and motivating for me to keep growing because she not only wants to pursue her own passions but has a dream and goal of making sure her family is taken care of and can get to the next level of their own lives. She has a desire to help others and it is evident. And I know you will be able to rely on her incites to help you get to the next level of your own journey! 

Yitty Muller

Digital Entrepreneur

Working with Abby this year has been incredible! 
She is so kind, fun and insightful and with her drive for excellence, she always delivers above and beyond expectations. 
She’s taught me so much about being true to myself and going after my goals. 
She’s an epic team-player who truly delights in the success of others. 
Abby, I’m excited to see your positive ripple effect as you grow and help others do the same.

Anna Powsky

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Contact Me

Interested in learning more? I would love to connect. 


(210) 427-7465

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